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Used Cooking Oil Collection & Recycling Service

Licensed & Approved Inedible Kitchen Grease Hauler

Food grade and waste cooking oil collection service for restaurants. We offer free oil recycling removal service for commercial kitchens. Grease waste are picked up and recycled into renewable goods such as bio diesel or animal feed. We provide oil storage containers that can be stored inside the kitchen or outdoors. The cooking oil collection service is free and for large volume we will buy used cooking oil.  Licensed and approved haulers in the state of California, we abide by all rules and regulations set by the CDFA.

Grease & Waste Cooking Oil Recycling

As part of best management practices in accordance to the city regulations, all Food Servicing Establishments are mandated to have a licensed inedible kitchen grease (IKG) hauler to collect and properly dispose waste oil attained from commercial kitchens.

Free Grease Collection Service

Bulk waste cooking oil collection service is free for pick up of 50 gallons or more.

There are many waste cooking grease recycling companies. However, only a handful can provide you with superior service quality and ensure that you are in full compliant with all regulations set by the local municipalities.

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Waste Oil Removal Service

For decades our team and partners has been collecting and recycling used cooking oil and grease from commercial food servicing establishment. We are licensed and approved by the state according to legal regulations to safely collect and transport waste grease. Our usual customers for grease collection service are restaurants, cafeterias, schools, military bases, hospitals, bars and other sites that provide food servicing. Stop wondering what to do with the used cooking oil and let us provide you with fast reliable service. We provide you the best quality in containers to place your waste grease, efficient collection service and also make certain that you are in full compliance with all regulations set by the health department and city public works.

Grease Waste Storage Bins

The waste cooking oil from the fryer must be placed in a specialized receptacle. If you do not have oil containers we can provide one for you based on the your specific needs. We have a variety of oil storage containers for suitable to your needs ranging from 40 gallons up to 300 gallons.

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Logs & Manifest

FOGS inspector at anytime can request manifest report of logs regarding waste cooking oil disposal. As licensed grease collection company all waste oil picked up from your location is properly documented and is given a manifest number. As part of best management practice, some cities will require a log sheet posted and updated every collection service.

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Used Cooking Oil Collection Company

Cooking Oil Collection & Recycling Service. We Take Waste Oil Removal To The Next Level.

Back to Grease Collection Sell used cooking oil for money. We buy used cooking oil in large volume from food manufacturers.  We also offer free used cooking grease disposal and recycling service for restuarants throughtout Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego. The "GREASE COMPANY"

Used Cooking Oil Collection

Over 3 decades of experience providing fast dependable and superb service quality. As a company we take great pride in providing our customers with ECO friendly grease collection & recycling service.


Fast & Clean

Rest assure that when you are working with the "Grease Company" it is our goal to make certain your oil containers do not over flow and it's always in clean condition to prevent any hassles from the health department.

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