Best Management Practices Grease Trap & Grease Interceptor

When your drains are clogged and/or your grease trap is overflowing; it s a good indication that your grease trap or grease interceptor have exceeded the maximum allowed FOGS capacity. It is regulated by the FOGS control department that traps and interceptors shall not exceed at total of 25% of combine grease and food solids to ensure minimum hydraulic retention. Exceeding the maximum 25% of FOGS content reduces the effectiveness of the device causing it to release FOGS content into the city sewer sanitation line.

FOGS control program states that all grease traps and grease interceptors must not exceeds a combined 25 percent of FOGS.  For this reason FOGS inspectors are making it mandatory for grease interceptors to be cleaned quarterly to prevent any release of unwanted grease and food solid waste into the santation system. Call 888-263-6637

How Often Should I Clean My Grease Trap?

Service increments for grease traps and grease interceptors will vary. Grease traps located inside the kitchen are usually pumped and cleaned every month because of its small size. On the other hand, larger outdoor grease interceptors are typically pumped and cleaned quarterly or when it reaches 25% FOGS content.

Price For Grease Trap or Grease Interceptor? Rising number of sanitation sewer overflows have cause FOGS inspectors to become more active with restaurants and commercial kitchens that fail to properly maintain their grease trap or grease interceptor.  FOGS program manager have the ability to make it mandatory to clean out the grease trap or grease interceptor if it exceeds the maximum levels of FOGS waste.

Cost of cleaning a grease trap or grease interceptor can vary based on the condition of the device. In 2018 regulations for FOGS waste disposal have risen drastically in which is why GI's and GT's exceeding 25% will see a huge price increase. Therefore, it is important to maintain your device regularly to prevent plumbing issues, costly cleaning service and citations.

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