High Pressure Washing Grease Spill Clean Up

Grease trap and grease interceptor overflow will cause the grease to spill over causing it to spread throughout the parking lot causing a huge mess. Cleaning grease spill will require high pressure washing with water recovery to prevent it from contaminating the storm drains and sewer system.

Oil spill from grease interceptor and grease trap overflow or waste cooking oil spillage can be an unpleasant site. Not only it has a bad horrendous stench but also pose a hazardous threat to the public and the environment.

Grease Spill Clean Up

If you have a large spill that you are trying to clean up, it is important to stop the spill as much as possible. If it's a grease trap or interceptor overflow be sure to stop water usage to prevent additional waste from spilling from the lid of the device. On the other hand if it is due to a leakage on a grease tank be sure to empty the tank immediately.

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Major Hazardous Grease Spill Clean Up

Large amount of grease and oil spills must be cleaned by professionals with that have the proper training and equipment to clean up hazardous grease spills. Sizeable spills will require commercial high pressure washer with water recovery system to prevent the overrun from entering the storm drains and sewer system. As grease specialist we have a team of emergency grease spill clean up experts that can provide you with a complete spill restoration service.

High pressure washing cooking oil grease spill clean up. Hot pressure wash cleaning of oil spill in a parking lot. We are a company that cleans up oil spills on concrete

Cleaning Procedure (Minimal Oil Spill)

The initial step of cleaning is to create a berm to prevent the contamination from spreading any futher. Use absorbent to soak up the liquids until it's completely dry. Sweep sand absorbent before washing the contaminated area. Use heavy duty degrease to clean the contaimination. If you are washing down the area be sure to have a water recovery system in place to prevent oils from spreading any further.

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